The Beginners Guide for Betting Horse Racing

Horse betting

Horse betting is one of the most common forms of gambling that can be seen at a number of horse races. 1bet2u Gamblers can put money on the final placement of the horses running in the race. However, horse betting is not recognised and is illegal in many places such as South Carolina.

Where it is online casino malaysia legal, most tracks follow the pari-mutuel betting system in which the total waged amount is shared proportionally with the winners after deducting management expenses. In some countries such as Ireland, the UK and Australia, an alternative is provided where the bookmakers make a market in odds. This helps the gamblers to ‘lock-in’ odds on a horse at a particular time.


Some of the most common types of bets that are used in horse betting are ‘bet to win’, ‘bet to place’, and a ‘bet to show’. A bet to win is waging money on the horse to finish first. If the horse finishes first, the bet is won. A bet to place is betting on the horse to finish either first or second. And bet to show is betting on the horse to finish first, second or third. Since it is easier to wage money in a bet to show, the final payoffs is much lesser than the other two bets. The place and show bets may not be offered when the number of horses running a race is less. In Asia, Australia and Europe, however, the bets depend on the number of horses in the race. For instance, in a race with seven or fewer horses, only the first and the second finishers would be considered winning bets. For eight or more runners, the first, second and third finishers are recognised for winning bets. While in a race with sixteen horses, the first four finishers is considered for the winning bets.

There exists quite a few strategies that can be used to help gamblers make winning bets. Firstly, it is essential to know the favourite. The favourite is the horse one which the most money has been raised. The favourites win almost one-third of the time. Secondly, it helps to know the horses in the race and see their performance in the post-parade. Lastly, tip sheets and handicapping aid can be purchased from professional handicappers. These sheets and aids can provide a useful wagering selection. They are available for purchase by past performance partners. These tips do not ensure a win; instead, they help in increasing the chances of winning.

The Beginners Guide for Betting Horse Racing

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